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How To Register To Become A Member/注册会员教学

How To Register To Become A Member/注册会员教学


Step 1/第一步

Please click on the top right corner "people" icon, and then click the "Login" button.

点击右上角 "人" 的图案,再点击“Login” 字眼。


Step 2/第一步

If you are registering for the first time, please click the "Register here" button.

如果第一次注册,点击 “Register here” 字眼。


Step 3/第一步

Please Take Note : Please fill in your correct personal information, housing address and your password, for facilitate our customer service and delivery staff to contact you. 

注意 : 请正确填写个人资料、地址和密码,方便unifresh客服和送货小哥联系你。


Step 4/第一步

After successful registration, you can go to the member profile background for check your personal information, orders details and bonus points.