Free shipping for orders over RM50.00
How To Order/订购教学

Q.:How To Order?

Step 1/第一步

Choose the items that you want and add them to the shopping cart.

Step 2/第二步

After adding or choosing your items, please click the “NEXT” button 
添加完你要的商品后,点击 “NEXT” 按钮。

Step 3/第三步

Please select your delivery period

Unifresh delivery process
Unifresh 送货流程

If your order don't have any pre-order items,  we will deliver by that day. 
订单全是现货(Ready Stock)商品,统一当天发货

If your order got any Pre-Order items,  we will only deliver by tomorrow. 

Pre-Order on Monday, deliver on Tuesday

Pre-Order on Tuesday, deliver on Wednesday 

Pre-Order on Wednesday, deliver on Thursday

Pre-Order on Thursday, deliver on Friday 

Pre-Order on Friday, deliver on Saturday 

Pre-Order on Saturday and Sunday, deliver on next Monday

We will be strongly suggest you to place orders on Monday until Friday, because our vegetables supplier did not restock us during Saturday and Sunday,  so we only can wait until monday evening for our supplier to restock.

Please take note : If during public holidays or our supplier suddenly closed business , your order will be delay about 1-2 days to deliver for you. If this situation happens, we will inform you early, so don't worry.


If you had completed selected your date and time ,please click the "Proceed To Checkout" button.
选择完毕,请点击“Proceed To Checkout”按钮。

Step 4/第四步

Please fill in the consignee address and contact number correctly, just make our delivery staff to be more efficient for the delivery process. 
Please Take Note : Please, fill in your address according to the tnb bill noted address, it will be more accurate

注明 : 输入地址的时候请跟着tnb的账单地址,地址比较准确

After fill in the address, please click "Continue to shipping method" button. 
地址输入完毕,请点击 “Continue to shipping method”按钮。

Step 5/第五步

Select shipping method

Each order shipping fee will be RM3【If your order had reached RM50 or above will be free shipping fee】

If you choose to pick up order from our physical shop, it will be also free shipping fee.  

After choosing the shipping method, please click the "Continue " button 

选择完毕,请点击 “Continue” 按钮。

Step 6/第六步

Choose your preferred payment method. 

Cash on pick up【you may pay cash after you pick up from our store】 

Bank transfer on pick up【After bank transfer your payment , please remember to upload your receipt. After we confirm your payment receipt,you may pick up your order from our store】 

Cash On Delivery 【you may pay cash after you had received your items from our delivery staff】 

Bank Transfer On Delivery【After bank transfer your payment , please remember to upload your receipt.After we confirm your payment receipt,we will deliver your order.】

After you had choose the payment method, please click "Place your order " button and your order will be completed.
选择完毕,请点击“Place Your Order”按钮,点击后就完成订单。